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The Laura Project informs, educates and engages parents, teachers and the community to better understand the risk of substance abuse and addiction and develop strategies to keep their children safe and healthy.

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Lessons from Laura

- Lessons from Laura -

Laura struggled with addiction losing her fight at age 29 from an overdose.  Take a look at the lessons that were learned over her 15-year struggle.  Visit the Lessons from Laura content catalog.

Twas the Night that it Happened

Lessons from Laura

My best childhood memory was having my parents read to me "Twas the Night Before Christmas". It's a tradition I kept when my son and daughter were.. →

Day 28: Your Friends & Family Will Not Understand

Lessons from Laura

Making the difficult decision to treat your child for their substance abuse is an act of bravery. You are being the best parent you know how to be.. →

Day 27: Parents Need to Raise their Awarness

Lessons from Laura

Addiction can happen even in the most healthy and supportive families. Without knowing it, some of us fall into certain parenting traps that put.. →

Day 26: Anger and Anxiety: Key Predictors of Risk for Addiction

Lessons from Laura

Anger and anxiety seem to go hand in hand and are signs that your child or adolescent is disregulated. If they don’t have a strategy to manage that.. →

Day 23: Managing Your Childrens' Electronics

Lessons from Laura

Parents should be strategic about the way their children use electronics A recent study found that 85 percent of parents allow their children.. →

Day 20: Protecting Your Child by Helping them Manage Through Change

Lessons from Laura

Because we are adults, we look at situations with an adult lens. How many times have you caught yourself saying to your child, “just brush it.. →

Day 10: Addiction Affects the Family in Profound Ways

Lessons from Laura

If you have an addict in your immediate family, make sure not to forget the children whose lives have been turned upside down. Spend time with them,.. →

Day 9: Grieving Your Child Suffering from Addiction

Lessons from Laura

If you have an addicted child, spouse or significant other, they are no longer someone you recognize. In reality, you have experienced the death of a.. →

Day 7: Phoenix Outdoor - Focus on the Family

Lessons from Laura

As a result of our experiences in treatment with Laura, my husband and I made the decision to start a licensed wilderness therapy program in 2004,.. →

Day 6: Addiction Affects Everyone in the Family

Lessons from Laura

When someone becomes addicted and relentlessly pursues the substance, their behaviors radically change and their family and friends become obstacles.. →

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Learn more about substance abuse and addiction, who is most at risk for addiction, how to start the conversation with your children and a host of other topics.  View the content catalog directory.

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Talking to Kids about Drugs

Resource Guide

This is an excellent resource guide developed for the Better Health Channel in Victoria, Canada. here is what you will learn. Click the image to go.. →

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