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Educate and engage parents and the community to better understand the risk of
substance misuse and addiction to keep children safe & healthy.

Laura overdosed & died at age 29.  Here are lessons we learned from her struggle

Lessons from Laura

Lessons from Laura
Day 24: Sex and Addiction in Teenage Girls
Acting out sexually and abusing drugs often feed off each other, and it is not.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 22: Parents Must Be Good Role Models for their.. →
Parents are the most important teachers and role models for their children.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 11: Addiction Can Test the Best of Marriages
If you have a teenager or young adult that is going down the path of addiction,.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 10: Addiction Affects the Family in Profound Ways
If you have an addict in your immediate family, make sure not to forget the.. →
Education & Information

Learn about substance misuse and addiction, who is at most risk, how to start the conversation with your children and a host of other valuable topics for parents to explore.

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What are Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct.. →
The American Psychiatric Association Refers to disruptive, impulse-control.. →
Marijuana and heart health: What you need to know
From the 2022 article published on Harvard Medical, "In many states in this.. →
Dealing With A Son Or Daughter Addicted To Drugs: How.. →
Sober College writes, "When your child is addicted to drugs, it is scary. There.. →
Intervention: Help a Loved One Overcome Addiction
From the article: "It's challenging to help a loved one struggling with any.. →
Parenting Tips
Self Esteem and Addiction
Children or teenagers with low self-esteem are far more likely to abuse alcohol.. →
Parenting Tips
Loving Your Addicted Child
Could you be loving your child to death?When we love our child and we see them.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 13: Addiction is a Progressive Disases
If you are struggling with an addict in your workplace, your family or in your.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 4: The Path to Addiction Starts Early
Nine out of ten people with substance addictions first begin using before they.. →