Lessons from Laura
Our Mission

The Laura Project informs, educates and engages parents, teachers and the community to better understand the risk of substance misuse and the disease of addiction to develop strategies to keep children safe and healthy.

Laura struggled with addiction losing her fight at age 29 from an overdose.  Take a look at the lessons that were learned over her 15-year struggle. 

Lessons from Laura

Lessons from Laura
Day 19: Adverse Childhood Experiences Disrupt their.. →
Most of us experience setbacks and adverse experiences, but somehow, we manage.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 13: Addiction is a Progressive Disases
If you are struggling with an addict in your workplace, your family or in your.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 6: Addiction Affects Everyone in the Family
When someone becomes addicted and relentlessly pursues the substance, their.. →
Lessons from Laura
Day 3: Addiction is a Disease of the Mind
According to Harvard Health, “Today we recognize addiction as a chronic.. →
Lessons from Laura
Education & Information

Learn about substance misuse and addiction, who is at most risk, how to start the conversation with your children and a host of other valuable topics for parents to explore.

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