The Mission

Inform, educate and engage

Our passion is to help parents, teachers and the community to understand the risk of addiction, identify those children at higher risk, and develop strategies to keep their children safe and healthy.

The Laura Project

The Laura Project takes you on Laura and her family's personal journey through 15 years of struggle with substance misuse and addiction that ultimately claimed her life in 2017.   The portal has Lessons from Laura along with additional content, education and strategies to help parents and educators understand the risks that children face if they misuse substances and develop the disease of addiction.

Rethink the Family Portal

The portal provides content and education on the chronic disease of addiction, which children are most at risk to develop it, how to educate children and keep them safer, and information to understand the scope of the problem.  The portal is divided into content catalogs making it easy to find the information you want to explore.

Call to Action

The Laura Project is a free service and here is what we hope you will do:

  1. Explore the content and use the information as you parent your children.
  2. Share the portal with others who you think will benefit from it.
  3. Sign up as a member so you can get updates when there is new content for you to explore.