Elevate your understanding of the risks associated with substance misuse and addiction

Keep your family and children safe, and learn how to craft a health and wellness strategy for recovery

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Laura Bradfield battled addiction for 15 years only to lose her life to overdose December 21, 2017.  Follow her family's journey as they
reflect on those struggles and what they have learned from them then explore the resource library of articles, videos, reports and more.


Inform, educate and engage parents, teachers and the community

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Lessons from Laura

Articles written by Carolyn Bradfield (Laura's Mother) to educate and inform families
based on her personal journey with Laura who overdosed in 2017 after fighting addiction for 15 years.

Resource Library

Visit the resource library to explore topics on prevention, substance misuse risks, wellness topics, and strategies to communicate with your family.

Resource Library

Substance Misuse & Addiction

Explore resources to elevate your knowledge of illegal drugs, alcohol, and the disease of addiction.

Health & Wellness

Strategies to maintain health and wellness and improve recovery.

Content for Kids

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Mental Health

Explore mental health issues that often surround substance misuse and addiction.